Womb Massage Oil



Inspired by the traditional castor oil packs this herbal womb massage oil is intended to help bring healing and relief from heavy bleeding, fibroids, cysts, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, menopause and more. History shows that Castor oil motivates our lymphatics and our organs and glands to detoxify and blast away cystic activity in the body like tumors, fibroids, lymphedema, swelling, fatty liver, toxicity, lymphatic disorders, and more.  

4oz bottle

black seed oil, castor oil, chamomile, black cohosh root, dong quay root, ashwagandha, cinnamon, wild yam root, white oak bark, ginger root, maca

Direction Tips: There's many ways to get this done at home! You can apply the oil directly to skin (pelvic area, breast area, entire abdomen, etc) and apply hot towel,  wool flannel (naturally a warm material), or heating pad right on top

or saturate  your choice of towel, wool flannel etc  in the oil and apply to area. Use plastic wrap and wrap around the area to keep towel from moving then apply another towel, warm blanket on top

Enjoy for 20 minutes or more (enjoy some additoinal self care during this time like a face mask, polish your nails, etc)

Keep some tea or water nearby to stay hydrated! You can do this a few times a week! avoid doing it during your period. Try to wear a loose fitted no wire bra during the detox


Motivates the body to detox naturally

Increase circulation



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