The importance of Black Seed Oil and why you need to take it daily!

The importance of Black Seed Oil and why you need to take it daily!

We make no medical claims. Consult your physician before use
Benefits of black seed oil:
Before we dive straight into counting the health benefits of black seed oil, it’s important to know about its interesting history. Black seed, also known as Nigella Sativa, is considered a production of Mediterranean region, but over the years, it has spread through Africa, Asia, and Southern Europe. Black seed oil finds application in Culinary and medicinal uses. Since the plant which produces black seed is very sensitive to soil conditions and climatic conditions, it has thus thriving production only in limited regions of India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Egypt (History, n.d.).
Even in ancient times, black seed oil was thought to have many benefits and with the passage of time.

There are two variants of black seed oil available in the market. The spice and the concentrated oil. They can enhance the immune system functioning to a modest degree. They boost white blood cell production. Since white blood cells are responsible for fighting disease-causing bacteria thus they can be beneficial to the immune system. Research suggests that black cumin oil is responsible for balancing inflammatory factors of the body. A broad range of conditions is battled through this delicate effect. 

Black seed has good fats present in it. It not only has an antidiabetic effect but also tends to control the cholesterol levels in the blood. Can help reduce high blood pressure and may help with increasing the metabolism of fats. Cholesterol also has other adverse effects on human health apart from obesity (Hasani & Jouyandeh, 2013). Atherosclerosis which is a health condition in which plaque is built up in vessels, thus blocking them. This can also result in damage to the cardiac system. It is thus important to keep the cholesterol level low (Dehkordi & Kamkhah, 2008).

Thymoquinone is an active compound in black seed oil.  It has several benefits for health. It acts as a free radical and scavenges inside the body for superoxide radicals. They also preserve antioxidant enzymes such as S transferase and glutathione peroxidase, both of these are great detoxifiers and aids in defense system via cellular antioxidant action and hence protect the system from toxins (Woo, Kumar, & Sethi, 2012).


Black seed oil bears benefits for both skin and hair and is used very extensively in quite a few cultures. It is one of the natural ways to condition hair and improve scalp health. It also contains nigellone which is an effective antihistamine. This compound helps with hair loss due to alopecia areata. With the anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, it can keep hair healthy in general and discourage dandruff and dryness in hair (Wienkötter, Höpner, & Schütte, 2008).
For skin, it can act as a remedy against scars and its formation on wounds. Melanin is a biological compound present in superficial tissues, it is useful for saving skin from low and high level radiation. Thus, sunburn which is a low-level radiation and sunbathing which is excessive exposure to UV radiation can be prevented. Low-level dermatological issues such as eczema and dryness can also be prevented which is a dangerous condition of skin suffrage (James, n.d.).

The Best Way To Consume Black Cumin:


The "OIL" - is the most effective form to consume Black Cumin because the oil is more concentrated than whole seeds unpressed, and is more readily assimilated.

Also, because of it's potent, easy to absorb concentration - only 1 teaspoon is needed per dose.


Most health experts and natural physicians recommend taking 1 teaspoon of the oil two times per day for therapeutic effects, on an empty stomach/before meals and bedtime. Or once per day, for a healthy maintenance dose or as a preventative measure.

Black Cumin helps improve sleep and helps bile movements to be smooth and painless so for some it is best taken in the evening - unless utilizing 2x per day for therapeutic benefits.

You can take the oil on its own, mixed in water or juice (*great with raw honey), or can be added to warm tea - like herbal chai, etc.

Many people have also added a small amount to their face & body creams, with phenomenal results. Also beneficial topically for burns, psoriasis and alternative skin disorders.

Mix with honey and/or garlic for a great tonic for effective immunity-boosting during cold and flu season.

Black Cumin should be taken daily as a preventative measure for all illness, and life-long vitality

We, at Bella Bee Tea, provide the best quality cumin seed oil by selecting the best seeds for the extraction. Most of our producers are from India and they cultivate the most natural seed without any GMO. With years of experience in this business, we assure that you won’t find any better quality black seed oil than ours. You can order our Black Seed Oil here:
 We make no medical claims. Consult your physician before use


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